About Me


I started this blog in March 2008 to document & tell the story of my long distance relationship. F.B. & I met on a forum for the actress Lindsay Lohan back in late 2003. We weren’t looking for a relationship. We started off as friends and it turned into something more. Before you knew it we were emailing, sending each other letters, calling each other on the phone and April 1st, 2004 we took our first big risk- saying, “I love you.” From then on our long distance relationship progressed. I finally got to meet F.B. in December 2006. We were engaged by January 2007. After 6 years and several trips to the Philippines we were married on December 19th, 2009.

My husband & I are still going through our immigration process. We have to finalize some things near the end of 2012 to remove the conditional status from his permanent resident card. My husband finally came to the USA in March 2010. Our paperwork took about a year.

That is how my blog started. But who I am? I am Sarah Lynn Bernardo. I go by the user name christianchickslc or tunaynamahal82 on the internet in various places. I was born September 4th, 1982. I have 3 younger brothers.

I was born in Philadelphia and lived there for 23 years until my family moved just outside Philadelphia in 2005. We are still literally 2 minutes from Philadelphia. I can drive to the Wawa & I’m there! I also still work in Philadelphia. I’ve worked at the Internal Revenue Service since 2002 as a seasonal clerk. What does that mean? I usually only work 8 months out of the year when the work is heavy & then I am furloughed for about 3 months. This has always worked in my favor though when it comes to my travels to the Philippines!

I started working at the IRS right after high school graduation when I was 19 years old. I was home schooled from grades 6-12. I was never very studious though, I am better learning hands on, then in a classroom. I am terrible at math! I used to write a lot in my teens. I wrote several novels and was able to use them towards my high school essays for graduation! It was never in my plans to attend college. But I did enroll in a technical school 5 years ago for Web Design. They ended up dropping the course before the start of classes, & I had to cancel my student loans and get my enrollment money back. I am planning on going to school sometime in 2011. I want to become a computer repair tech. That’s always been something I’ve wanted to learn and something I’m good at.

I am a techy kind of girl. I’ve repaired & dissected my Dell Inspiron laptop quite a few times! I play a lot computer games when I have spare time. Mostly, The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims 3, Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, Sim City 4, Oregon Trail 5, etc. I love to work with and make computer graphics and am pretty proficient at using Adobe Fireworks & Photoshop Pro and Adobe Photoshop.

I’m a Christian. When I was a teenager. I was very involved with my churches youth group. I was in the praise team and we sung every Wednesday evening. I got to sing for actual evening church services a few times and even on a youth retreat. I always did harmony! I used to play acoustic guitar. I would love to relearn again sometime soon. I used to compose & sing/play my own worship songs.

I love to read. I read every single night. All kinds of books. But mostly, classics, historical fiction, drama, etc. I’ve always loved history and became obsessed with the Tudor Dynasty back when I read The Other Boleyn Girl 3 years ago. From then on I took out just about every fiction and non fiction book you could imagine on Tudor History or Mary Queen of Scots. I own quite a collection of those books myself! And my local library once asked if I was doing a report on the Tudor Dynasty!

When it comes to movies, they are usually dictated by the types of books I’ve read. I rarely watch television. (I’m into Netflix though right now.) I am usually on the internet. The most I see on TV is the local news. Occasionally when I do watch TV it is usually, Food Network, Discovery Channel, History Channel, TLC, Crime TV, etc. My favorite TV shows though are Seinfeld, King of Queens & Spongebob!

I love music. I am a hard rock/rock/punk rock type of girl. I enjoy bands like, Fall Out Boy, Hoobastank, Incubus, Kutless, 12 Stones, Three Days Grace or more mellow music like, Maroon 5, Ryan Cabrera, Cueshe, Lifehouse, Jars of Clay, Ten Shekel Shirt, etc. I always sing in the car or listen to music on my ipod while running on the treadmill!

I’ve always been the girl with unusual pets. I owned a ferret named Nippy for 4 years until she passed away from adrenal cancer in 2007. I’ve owned pet rats since Oct 2007. I’ve owned 27 rats in total! I currently have 14 rats! (11 females, 3 males.) You would be surprised how smart, clean & how much personality each rat has. (Why pet rats?!) I am also a moderator and member of a great forum called Star’s Rat Rescue. And I was a moderator for several years on the Rat Chatter forums before it closed. I will never be without a pet rat again. Only people who have owned rats will understand this. (Though, pet rats will teach you to not be materialistic!) I also own a cat named Tansy. My cat Popcorn who I had for 15 years passed away March 2009.

I love photography! I would love to own a DSLR camera someday. I currently own a Sony Cybershot W570. (Which is constantly on the macro setting!) I love to take pictures of flowers, nature & of course my pets outdoors! I’ve taken my rats to the park many many times and my ferret before them. I’ve gotten a lot of looks, but I’ve also met a lot of curious friendly people too! My rat Sugar was even in the local newspaper once for ‘Pet Of The Week’.

I’m an avid eBay shopper! I am always looking for a great deal on eBay before I look anywhere else! My style is very casual. I am not a dressy girl. I love makeup & jewelry but I HATE skirts & dresses. (I only own 2 black skirts!) I am more comfortable in jeans, t-shirts, hoodies and converse sneakers than in anything else! I love oversized purses. Usually totes or satchels. I carry my life in my purse!

I can be terribly shy. I can be quite modest. I get panic attacks some times. I hate large crowds or parties. I suffered from depression badly in my late teens & early twenties. I also suffered from panic attacks so badly back then that it made me almost agoraphobic. I tend to keep just a few really good close friends. F.B. & I are alike in this way as we can sometimes tend to be anti-social in our own world. I’ve gotten better with the agoraphobia as I’ve gotten older. If you get to know me well, I can be loud, I talk A LOT! Just ask my close friends or co-workers! I used to bite my nails when I was younger.

I have three tattoos. I have 3 pink stars on my right inner ankle. And ‘Sarah Lynn’ on my left inner ankle. I also have a silhouette of a rat on my right inner wrist. I’m a bit conservative when it comes to my tattoos. I get them in places where they will only show, when I want them to show. I want one more tattoo. On the back of my neck in small roman text I want. ‘I Corinthians XIII: IV-VII’ Which of course is the love verse!

And that is pretty much it about me!



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